Captive Common Buzzard # 1741
Jackdaw # 1911
Red Deer Hinds @ Grasspoint, Isle Of Mull # 2580
Church @ South Loch Earnhead # 6786
Grey Heron @ Melrose Cauld # 8549
Red Legged Partridge # 01
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My name is Allan Bell; I'm a photographer based in the Scottish Borders with a keen interest in wildlife photography. My passion is to enjoy the scottish landscape while capturing natural images of birds of prey and the various mammals that inhabit our glorious moorlands.

My aim will also be to respect the privacy of these wild creatures while getting close enough to shoot the intensity in their eyes.

The challenge will be to develop sound technical and good field craft skills; to get close enough to these animals is difficult, thus a knowledge of their behavior is needed in order to be able to predict their actions....Enjoy!!

By visiting this site; you too can enjoy the unique events I've been privileged to witness. You will also have the opportunity to purchase your favourite prints or enjoy these images on a variety of products to remind you of the unique world in which we all live...Enjoy!!